We invite you to share your thoughts on the archive. What does this issue mean to you? Why do you think the archive should not be sent back? If you are an Iraqi Jew, please tell us a bit about your family story and your personal connection to this issue. All comments are moderated. Thank you.

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  1. ivy vernon says:

    I sent 2 letters , one to Dora Hamburg at NARA, the other to the journalist who wrote a sympathetic article in the Washington Post (Bill O’leary). That was in August
    I have not received a reply from either, while I am particularly disappointed that Dora Hamburg being the preservation manager, has ignored my e mail so far. Any other suggestions whom to write to? Please

  2. Save the Iraqi Jewish Archive says:

    Here is a list of NARA staff and their contact information: http://www.archives.gov/about/organization/senior-staff/index.html

    You can write to the American Embassy in Iraq: http://iraq.usembassy.gov/contact.html

    Here is page of links on U.S. State Department’s websites pertaining to American activities in Iraq: http://www.state.gov/p/nea/ci/iz/c7829.htm

  3. its importent to know that if goverment of US , send back the
    holy and importent archives and records for familys of iraqi
    babylonian jewish familys , to new iraq uncivilaiezed shiee moslim goverment
    roling by iran ((((( you gonaa see the archive of iraqi jewish coumunty on ebay
    web side , selling it like old documents , from unknown memebers
    of iraq goverment personal with other names on ebay selling side in the
    shopping ebay side..
    im iraq jew ,, in Netherlandas , and i know wat iraq meen today
    im in the nethelands sinds 1996 ,, so i not that old to forget iraq
    i work in baghdad many years , as a catholic , and i saw how thay sell
    any historic thing for 10 dollars ,, catholic or jewish item
    maybe its out of iraq is priseless , but in iraq thay will sell it
    to ebay or merchints of antiek in dubai .or mechints in iran , antik collecters
    so it will be funny to see 2500 years history on

    it will be funny relly cool to see history 2500 years , on ebay
    i will see fotos of frends and familys for sell ,, !!!!!!

    kind regards to all of you and , i hope that god of israel , send his
    mercy to save this importent archives from
    bad hands , and send it safily to the iraqi jewish musam in oryehuda
    near tel aviv , to stay ther safly until the armegedoon day or the last
    day of this life , if ther is end of days … no one know that ..
    in god we trust
    thank you .. todaa rabaa .. shukrann … dank u wel .. mrecci ,, veel danken


    k albert azami
    iraqi jew today and for ever
    dutch nationalty
    baghdad born

    any ideas about iraq or qaustion , you are more then welcom ..

  4. Beth Zinderman Burnham says:

    I think you need to circulate this immediately using move on.org or any other .org to stop the government from returning them to ISIS in Iraq who will only burn and destroy these important documents!! Please do not give up, please involve the media now is the time!!

  5. Naomi Stokes (RAZ) says:

    I’m a descendant of a Jewish Iraqi family that owned a large hotel in Baghdad in the 20’s. My father was moved to Israel after the family lost everything. I reside in Los Angeles and would like to contribute in any small way. My father is alive and well, although in his 80’s. He may be able to to offer pictures and stories of my family Iraqi experiences.

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